2009 Ford Ranger, exiting the assembly line production

2009 Ford Ranger days are numbered

2009 Ford Ranger, exiting the assembly line production, shows a little life. It was so sad at all. Ford February sales report reflects the significant increase in sales of the Ranger. The gain was partly driven by incentives that keep trucks moving.

With only a year before the planned closure of the Ranger plant in St. Paul, the truck is seeing signs of an upturn in sales. In February, sales rose 27 per cent of the Rangers over the same month last year.

February was the second consecutive month that the truck has seen an increase in sales, Ford Motor Co. reported before January, was for years the truck was a month to boost sales this month. Last month, the Dearborn-builder function, sold in 7431 versus Rangers in 5850 it sold the same month last year. In contrast, the F-Series full-truck sales by size in the Sierra was dropped five percent last month.

“That little she could Ranger is still doing well,” said Jim Farley, vice president of Ford, President Group for marketing and communications.

Equipped with quality title “Ford Ranger parts”, the truck is expected to attract more buyers in their last days.

Ford offers special incentives to the Ranger in the belt U. S. Sun, which stretches from Florida to Texas and California. In these territories, “compact truck market remains strong,” Farley said in a conference call, especially for buyers to purchase the 4×2 models.

The incentives “are not something we offer every month,” he said, but the manufacturer is pleased with how sales have been made recently.

Ford offers special incentives to the Ranger in the belt U. S.

According to industry observers, the escalating price of gasoline may have also contributed to strong sales of the Rangers. Currently, the alignment of motor vehicles and small crossover utility vehicles are sold better than trucks and full-size SUV.

“We have many (Rangers). We’re exhausted, “beamed Roger Kamp, new sales Power Manager Ford cars in North Scottsdale, Ariz. “I’m waiting for more to come”

All buyers who want the Ranger team models to see a larger cabin, Kamp said. Tags with prices starting at $ 20,000, is a point of great value to all customers, for someone who does not spend $ 30,000 for a full-sized (truck). ”

Dan Zeller manager of Metro Ford in Dallas, said that in his experience, peak sales is linked to commercial orders for the Rangers. Several of its fleet of large commercial customers took delivery of the Rangers in February after Zeller thinks it had a backlog of orders, reported TwinCities.

Ford extended the life of the plant St. Paul in November, saying it would be closed later in 2009, rather than later this year.