The three types of air intakes

Choosing the right cold air intake for your vehicle

Wondering how to choose the right cold air intake for your car? Well, here’s how you can do it.

Have you ever asked yourself why a cold air intake is important in every vehicle? Do you have any idea how to choose what is the best cold air intake that is suitable for your car? There are different types of air intakes available for any type of vehicle that you should be aware of.

The three types of air intakes are:

  1. The short-pipe intake
  2. The cold air intake
  3. The ram air intake

The cold air intake which is the most common type is necessary because it increases engine efficiency air intake capacity which increases performance. This also increases airflow by dropping the air coming into an engine to a lower temperature. With increased engine power, users can maximize the usage of the vehicle for a higher mileage.

You can have a customized cold air intake specially designed for each model of your car for you to have the best fit. Also you can have it modified the way you prefer.

How Can You Replace the Vehicle’s Air Supply?

Replacing a vehicle’s air supply requires the removal of your factory stock air box. Knowing where your factory air stock system is located and how it actually works will be helpful. Higher-end cold air intake systems will most likely require additional effort to fit the pipe. You can install it by determining the exact specifications of your car like the exact model, year and engine type.

Next you have to survey the needed available parts select the best intake take, selected manufacturer and the price that fits you the best. Wait until your engine has cooled off then unplug the car battery, starting with the negative terminal (black or unmarked) and ending with the positive terminal.

Now proceed with removing the air filter, the big plastic box the filter was in, and the tube that goes from that box to an opening in the engine. Some of these parts are going to be held together by hose clamps (round metal rings). You will likely need to remove one or more air sensors which feed information to the car’s computer. These must be handled with extra care since they can easily get damaged.

Once the stock intake is off, don’t discard it incase the new intake you purchased turns out to be damaged and you still want to be able to drive your car make sure to set the intake aside until you know the new one works properly. Attach the new intake, and secure it with hose clamps.

If you bought a cold air intake then you must climb under the car to complete the installation. Replace any sensors removed from the old intake into the new one and be very careful. Once the new intake is installed, install the new air filter with a hose clamp. If the intake easily strikes other objects in the engine then make sure to tighten the mountings until it is fully secure. Plug the battery back in reverse terminal order and now enjoy your customized air intake.