F1: McLaren and Honda agreed to end their partnership

F1: McLaren and Honda agreed to end their partnership

McLaren and Honda have agreed to end their partnership. While not yet official, McLaren would have reached an agreement with Honda to break their partnership for the 2018 season after signing a three-year contract with Renault. They are no longer a partner in Formula 1, reports motorsport.com.

The team of Fernando Alonso will mount Renault engines the next three years from 2018. This will in all probability imply that Fernando Alonso will remain in the British team and, at the same time, Carlos Sainz will go to the Renault team. Toro Rosso would ride Honda engines next season.

The disaster of the Honda engines has been consummated with the divorce with McLaren. The English team has completed three horrendous courses, the worst of its history in F1 and have coincided with the return of Alonso to the headquarters of Woking. McLaren has tired of losing and is put in the hands of Renault, the French engine that fills his own team and Red Bull.

This will help Fernando Aklonso renew his commitment to McLaren, where he has expressed his willingness to pay off debts and win a new title.

All these changes, if not made official, should confirm the continuity of Fernando Alonso with McLaren and the arrival of Carlos Sainz to Renault once the current season has ended, although German media claim that the Singapore Grand Prix could be the last dispute with Toro Rosso.