Honda produces 800 units of S660 Bruno Leather Edition

I find this unique little roadster S660 very attractive. The small dimension and its wing face design, making it looks so different than the other cars on the street. With its small dimensions and engine of course, the appropriate competitor for this car would be the Copen. However, you will need to import this car directly from Japan since they don’t market it worldwide. If you really want to own this car, then be ready to wait for the delivery, it could take weeks or month.

Even though everything comes standard, the previous model of the S600 is already looking fantastic. What you see now is actually the special edition of S600 that they call it Honda S660 Bruno Leather Edition. The special edition is more luxurious than its predecessor. Equipped with Maroon Velvet Metallic paint, making the car looks more luxurious and masculine. In case you don’t like the paint, Honda also provides several options, such as White Pearl or Metallic Gray.

The rims come in piano black color, it looks much more exclusive, I guess. Inside, the car has a Jazz Brown leather, a combination of black and brown. It covers the steering wheel and its seats. The combination color is incredibly fit with the Maroon Velvet Metallic on its exterior.

Okay, now the best part of this car. The S660 Bruno Leather Edition has a unique feature called Rev Beat. What this feature does is that every time you shift between gear, Rev Beat will rate your shifting accuracy. You will get either bad, good or excellent score. If you ever played racing games, especially the drag race, I find it quite similar to that. You can see the result on the monitor screen, and surprisingly you can share your result with your friends on twitter.

Apparently Honda wants to train your shifting accuracy. The engine is the same with its previous model, its a 660 cc with 64 hp and 104 nm torsion. It has CVT and 6 speed manual transmission. Obviously, this is not a fast car because it’s not supposed to be fast. It”s a city car, most useful when the street is crowded.

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