Mini unveils their hybrid car, here is the 2017 Cooper S E Countryman All4

The future of the automobile will be all electric folks, and today Mini is electrified! The brand owned by BMW is now showcasing a model Cooper S E Countryman All4 plug-in hybrid version, which has the option to move solely on electric power.

The car has a three-cylinder gasoline engine and a synchronous electric motor, which together produce 165 kW or 224 horsepower, 385 Nm of torque. This Countryman is designed as an ideal means of transport in urban areas, where you probably can consider using the benefits of driving solely on electric power. The model is, however, far from exclusive use in city traffic, as it is able to develop the maximum speed of 125 km / h, with the range on a single charge of 42 kilometers.

The entire development is done by BMW’s i-Performance division, which was recently presented the series 5, which works on a similar principle. It was in 2008, they launched the “Mini E”, the first fully electric car within the BMW Group, whose exploitation is served for development.

The Countryman has a three-cylinder twin-turbo petrol 1.5 liters displacement, which develops 136 horsepower and a maximum torque of 220 Nm. The engine is combined with a 6-speed steptronic transmission, power is transferred to the front axle, and its all-wheel drive.

The electric motor battery is a high-voltage lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 7.6 kilowatt-hours, which is completely filled in two hours and 30 minutes. If the filling is done through a standard socket, the battery is charged for three hours and 15 minutes. Also, the interior has been changed slightly, and the trunk does not have a significantly lower capacity than the standard version.

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