Pirelli pink tyres for breast cancer awareness

Pirelli is taking their part in the breast cancer awareness, they turn their usual purple tyres color into pink. These initiatives were made to support for the Susan G Komen breast cancer charity. Pink is a symbol of breast cancer awareness.

Breast cancer is commemorated in October every year, see the cancer awareness calendar for more information.

The Susan G Komen organisation was founded in 1982, originated in Dallas, United States. They have raised more than $900 million from the day one they were founded.

In the United states alone 2,470 men were estimated to have breast cancer and from 41,070 people, among them 40,610 women and 460 men was predicted to die from breast cancer in 2017.

Pirelli spokesman said that “Pirelli is completely behind this key initiative, using its tyres to get the impactful message across. It’s a symbol of solidarity and commitment, as well as a powerful reminder of the importance of the cause. So, this weekend, make sure you think pink.” (as cited in www.motorsport.com, 2017)

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