One of the products that do this is the SCT X3 3000

Tuning with SCT X3 3000 Ford Custom Tuner

What makes the car tuning hobby really special in this century is the availability of aftermarket products that allows people to tweak a car’s programming for a supreme performance boost. One of the products that do this is the SCT X3 3000, which allows users to use three custom tunes on most Ford models. Does this custom tuner do as it is advertised?

Buying the SCT X3 3000

This aftermarket product is moderately priced at around $380, which is definitely a trait that would thrill hobbyists. However, it is important to know that it may not come with custom tunes, and having to purchase tunes from separate writers may cost an additional $100.

A tip for buyers is to buy it from manufacturers that would sell it with the custom tunes to match your Ford model for the SRP. It functions more or less like a hard drive, and you should take advantage of that. That means you can purchase or tweak tunes, store it in a PC, and then pull them up for later use.

SCT X3 3000 product

Using the SCT X3 3000

The beauty of this tuner is that it is a hybrid model, which allows users to experience both the characteristics of strategy and custom tuners. It is also easy to use, as it is most of the time similar to a plug-and-play device. You just need to hook it up with your car’s OBD-II port to load the custom tunes for your car.

If you are thinking of getting the kick out of customizing all the cars in your garage, the SCT X3 3000 sadly locks to one VIN, and if you want to switch cars, you will need to restore your car to default. However, you can get to switch cars five times using this programmer before it locks, which is not so bad of a deal.