the Shoei Multitech is a great way to get into the modular helmets

Have you seen the Shoei Multitec

If not, here is some info on it for you.

For those looking for an alternative to the full face motorcycle helmet, the Shoei Multitech is a great way to get into the modular helmets.  Modular helmets, unlike full face motorcycle helmets have a quick release front portion that raises the chin and shield at the flip of a button.  While you cannot ride in the open position…at least it is not advised due to the wind sheer…it allows a lot of air circulation while you are at a set of lights or stuck in traffic.

The Shoei Multitech is part of the modular line up of motorcycle helmets.  As you would expect from Shoei is a quality product with plush interior and a great fiberglass protective exterior.  It comes with removable cheek pads for easy cleaning and a tool free face shield for a quick change of the visor.  The standard visor is both 100% UVA and UVB protection…but you can easily pick up a tinted visor for bright day time riding.

The front chin and shield can be locked closed for those times you are travelling at highway speeds or just want some good acceleration.  There are also side cheek channels for either your glasses or sunglasses to easily fit without rubbing against your face.  All this with a five year warranty from the purchase date in solid, matte and metallic finishes for your styling preference….and don’t forget…the DOT safety certification.

However, probably the biggest downfall of this modular motorcycle helmet is the price point…which is at the top end of $400 for an MSRP…just be sure to look for some of the major retailers or online store sales when you do decide to pick this up for some discounts….as that will keep some bucks in your pocket.