Tesla motors is about to launch an SUV model Y

Recently Elon Musk discussed about his project to launch an SUV in the year of 2020. Yes the electric automaker, Tesla, is going to offer you an SUV model in 2020. During the discussion, he said that it is a compact SUV that gets quite a few changes under the hood.

According to Musk, the Y is built on a “completely different platform” than, for example, the Model 3 that will be released this year. He also dropped the 12-volt battery architecture completely, which could lead to a dramatic reduction in wiring in the cars.

Not only that, Elon also plans to simplify the production process, means that a larger part of the production can be done with robots. Musk also said he was planning to use that opportunity.

That makes the Model Y becomes very important for the second purpose that Musk has set: producing one million cars by 2020.

Furthermore, we know very little about Model Y, except that Musk said that it would have the same upward opening doors as the Model X.

Image source: flickr.com