Tesla’s new competitor; Lucid Air

The New York International Auto Show has given us a new perspective on how fast it could be in the evolution of the automotive industry to flourish. Let me ask you a question. What is the best electric cars out there? Anyone would probably say Tesla, surprise, today they have a competitor.

The new automaker Lucid Motors has a prototype of the Lucid Air, a fully electric car ready to drive four or five passengers.  Not only the car has many possibilities, but also looks fantastic.

They call it the “Tesla-Killer” because the Air is renowned for its name and has a lot more space in the car, giving it the luxury as if you are in a private jet. Honestly, if you want the full package with everything on and off, leather upholstery, panoramic roof, 400-mile battery and those rear seats up to 55 degrees downwards, it will cost you more than a ton of dollars.

The basic variant still costs more than $ 50,000, so it’s not cheap. But yes, 400 miles with full battery, rear-wheel drive, 385 km/h top speed, 10 speakers and three screens in the car is worth the cost.

Designed like a MacBook

The designer, Peter Rawlinson, who was also Chief Engineer at Model S, is working on the Air and, according to him, the comfort is in the Air’s battery. That’s not a big rectangle at the bottom of the car, but it’s shaped to allow extra space for the drivers, just like Apple, for the ultra-thin MacBook, made their battery in different heights and shapes to fit everything.

That’s why the Air seems to be a high-tech dream, where everyone can sit down (there’s even a driver’s seat for the driver!) And enough screens and entertainment is that you can do anything you want in the car.

Unfortunately, the production is not going to happen anytime soon: the Air is being tested and we should be able to drive it in 2019. We will see if the performance of the Air can keep up with what Tesla has already on its way.