The new BMW 8 Series go public

Finally, the new BMW 8 series shown to the crowd. Now the 7 series won’t be the most luxurious class anymore! Because BMW has their new car that’s more charming. After the teaser and the render and the long wait which arose our curiosity, now we can see the car in its full shape, in and out.

This luxurious coupe is based on CLAR platform, it’s the same as the 5 series and the 7 series. Clearly, BMW wants to make this car in the upper class compared to its successor the 6 series coupe.

Remember, when Harald Kruger, the CEO of BMW announced that the 8 series concept car will come? It was in the BMW yearly meeting in Munich. He said that the BMW will present the car the first time in Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in May 26, 2017. And now you can see it, the pictures below are the BMW 8 series, shows up after the BMW exhibition in Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este yesterday.

When we see the teaser, I couldn’t disagree that the car looks like having an aerodynamic design, big body and luxurious appearance. However, compared to the teaser and the render, this car is actually looks slimmer. In the front it is equipped with a double kidney grill, which I think it looks a bit too big. The car has a big windscreen making it look more handsome and manly. On the side you have a minimalist ventilated fender.

Moving on, the wheels, it is big and it also has a brake caliper in gold color. It also has a big rear light, and it looks very neat, matched with its modern mufflers.

Don’t get too excited, this is still a concept car, but I guess it wouldn’t be much different with the production cars coming up in 2018. The car will have a front splitter made of carbon fiber, powerful air intake, and laser headlamp. Based on the rumor, the car will have a V12 6.600 cc with 601 hp and 799 Nm torsion.

Do you think this car could be ‘the next Bond car’? Leave us your comment below.

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