Wow! Transparent body in a Lambhorgini Countach, unbelievable

What do you have in mind when you’re reading the title? A supercar with transparent body? No way that can’t be real. Yup, this transparent supercar isn’t for real, but this car has successfully drawn much attention from auto lovers. If and if only this is real and people can drive it on the street, we could see how the car works. Do you think it’s a good idea to have a transparent car?

Truth be told, this transparent Lambhorgini Countach is a conceptual artwork by JonSibal, he made the car transparent. Transparent cars indeed are rare and may be we will never see it on the street. A car with that kind of body may increase the probability for an accident to happen and the damage if it got crushed? Deadly.

If this car is real, can you imagine driving the car with a lot of eyes staring at you? Admiring a beautiful supercar and the driver, of course. The design of this Lambhorgini Countach is super detail. The best part is that Jonsibal also adding it’s main engine v12.

You need to know that this is not the first transparent car. The first transparent car is actually made by TRW Automotive and being showcased in 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. It was the idea to advertise the Driver Assist System, a promotion from that company.

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